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Anonymous ASKED:
It figures that a F/K shipper would make Kowalski Fraser's guide. F/K shippers really just do not understand how much Ray Vecchio did, and would continue to do, for Fraser, and how important he is to Fraser. Poor RayV has become an afterthought and secondary character in dS fanfiction, and he should not be that way! He's way more important than Frannie or Elaine to Fraser - and yet you won't consider making RayV Fraser's guide. :-( I really find it hard to believe that you truly like or love him

Well, that’s not my problem. I write what I want and if you don’t like it, don’t read it. I do know how important RayV was to Fraser, I just don’t ship them.

It’s not on me to make you happy. I write to make me happy. If other people also happen to like what I write, great. If not, it’s no skin off my nose. If you want RayV as Fraser’s Guide, YOU write it. I’m not going to sit here and prove to you how much I like RayV, that’s not my job or duty.

I’ve already explained why RayV wasn’t Fraser’s Guide IN THIS ‘VERSE. Someone else may write a ‘verse where he is. This is MY take on the Sentinel/Guide universe, it’s not set in stone for god’s sake.

Anonymous ASKED:
It's pretty unimaginative to have Ray Kowalski as Fraser's guide - and I think you're just doing that to make the case for F/K slash. Ray Vecchio literally SAVED Fraser when Fraser first came to Chicago. If RayV had not been there to look after him, Fraser would have never adjusted as well as he did the big city. I really don't understand how you can consider Elaine and Frannie as potential guides for Fraser, but not RayV. It looks like you really hate RayV to ignore what he did for Fraser :-(

1. I’m sorry you feel that way, but:

2. I don’t hate RayV. I go both Rays.

3. “Ray Vecchio, bless his heart, tried his best to be a stand in Guide.”

4. In my ‘verse, RayV isn’t a Guide or Sentinel, but has studied them so he knows what to do when Fraser needs help.

5. RayV and Fraser are bros, so all the stuff that happened in S1 and S2 happened. So no, I didn’t forget about it when I wrote a short fic before expanding on the ‘verse some more.

6. I ship RayK/Fraser mostly, so that would be my obvious Sentinel/Guide pairing.

7. You can write your own Sentinel ‘verse fic about RayV and Fraser.

8. I won’t get into a Ray shipping war.

9. You don’t have to read the fics if you don’t like them. 


Steve McGarrett found he was a Sentinel when he joined the Navy. He never had a Guide, as he had tight control over his senses, even in the middle of combat. However, when he heard his father die, everything changed.

Danny Williams learned he was a Guide when his wife was pregnant with Grace. He never expected to bond to a Sentinel as he was, at the time, happily married. When he moved to Hawaii and began the investigation into John McGarett’s death, he met Steve and gained a Sentinel. Danny was worried that they wouldn’t bond and it would be a mess, but he was also worried they would bond, as they didn’t get along at the time. 

However, the pair became closer and was soon thought to be the best Sentinel/Guide team in the Pacific. They had many ups and downs in their pairing, doubt on both sides, and even a break up or two.


Patrick Jane was a functioning Sentinel with his wife/Guide until she and their daughter were killed. Many feared Jane would die as well, but he lived through his zone out and became a criminal consultant to the CBI.

Kimball Cho was found to be a Sentinel in the Army and had a set of rotating Guides before finally finding a permanent Guide in Wayne Rigsby. Rigsby was reluctant to be a true Guide to Cho, but they clicked immediately and soon became the best Sentinel/Guide team in the CBI.

When Jane arrived, Rigsby was ordered to be his Guide as well, as no one else wanted to or couldn’t connect with him. Jane consented, but only if Cho agreed. Jane made it clear to both Cho and Rigsby he had no need for a physical connection and only needed a Guide if he went into a severe zone out.

It’s been a bit awkward for the threesome, but they have become closer as friends and Cho and Rigsby someday hope Jane would join them in having a complete Sentinel/Guide bond.


Hotch was confirmed to be a Sentinel when he joined the FBI. There had been hints as he was growing up, but as with many other Sentinels, the fluctuation in senses was ignored. His wife, Haley, was able to help control his senses. However, the stress of his job as BAU Unit Chief and not having a proper Guide became too much for Hotch and he zoned out. Dr. Spencer Reid was brought in to help.

Reid learned many of the skills necessary to a Guide by taking care of his mother. He took the tests for being a Guide, but never followed through, as he was very busy getting degrees in everything else. Once he joined the FBI and BAU, he was able to successfully bond with Hotch. Reid also became close to Haley and Jack.

It was a strange bond (not only because Hotch was married to a non-Guide), but because Reid was never jealous of Hotch’s family, and even became apart of that family. After Haley died, Reid stepped up and made sure his Sentinel could get through the day.

loving you with my whole heart by honeybearbee


Title: loving you with my whole heart

Author: honeybearbee

Fandom: Merlin

Pairing: Arthur/Merlin

Rating: Pg-13

Word Count: 30,026

WarningsSemi-spoilers for the later series of Merlin, violence, minor mention of blood, possessive behavior, jealosy, kind of crossover with The Sentinel (but no knowledge of that show is needed.)

SummarySet in a universe where Sentinels and Guides are quite prolific, Arthur, the Sentinel, finds Merlin, his Guide. While they have some problems at first they settle into an easy relationship. However, things from Arthur’s (and even Merlin’s) past come back to haunt them. Will they weather through these difficulties or will they be broken apart irrevocably?

Why you should read this: Because I wrote it! It’s got angst, romance, and humor! (Hopefully!) I tried to stay as close to the show as I good (even with it being set in the present) and hopefully the characters are true to form.


Arthur was born to his Sentinel father, Uther, and his Guide mother, Ygraine. He has a half-sister, Morgana, who is a Guide. His family is complicated and he tends to ignore any problems they have. Arthur went through several Guides, including his sister, before finding Merlin.

Merlin is a Guide born with magical powers. His father left before Merlin was born and his mother, Hunith, raised him. He never bonded with any Sentinels brought to him, so he thought he never would. Merlin made it his duty to help transition Sentinels from unbonded to bonded with other Guides and he was good at it. Then he met Arthur and became a one Sentinel man.

Arthur makes sure that Merlin is protected from his family, while Merlin protects Arthur from his out of control senses. Together they battle magical beings and occasionally each other, since their personalities are so different. It’s not always easy, but they make it work. They are the youngest Sentinel/Guide pairing in London.


G was born a Sentinel, but nothing ever came of it because of his family situation. Unfortunately for G, they kicked into overdrive in one of his foster homes. His foster parents thought he was crazy and had him institutionalized for some time. During this time, he learned to dial them back to what he thought was normal levels and it was never an issue again for him.

The Sentinel and Guide Center of LA was already established when he joined the NCIS LA branch and all personal were required to be tested. There he found out what he was, but also found he didn’t need a Guide. Blair and Jim were flown in. They realized G dialed his senses down too far, far below even normal human levels.

G’s partner, Sam, who had been tested and found to be a Guide, was called in to help. Sam not only helped G raise his senses to normal levels, but also up into Sentinel levels. G was sick for some time as his body adjusted back to the way it should have been.

Sam, who had been divorced (amicably) from his wife and had joint custody of his daughters, moved in with G. At first, it was just to help G recover from his sense sickness, but since they got along so well, they decided to make it official. They were the first Sentinel/Guide pairing at the LA branch of NCIS.


Gibbs has been a Sentinel for a long time, even before he joined the Navy. His first wife, Shannon, while not a registered Guide was good enough for Gibbs to function. After the death of Shannon and Kelly, he went into a tailspin until he joined NCIS and Mike Franks helped him settle in. His senses went offline (i.e. back to normal human baseline), and he never used them again until he met Tony DiNozzo in Baltimore.

Gibbs nearly zoned out the first time he got a whiff of Tony. The man didn’t even know he was a Guide. Once Tony joined NCIS, Gibbs dragged him to the Sentinel and Guide Center in DC where he was tested. Gibbs made Tony his Guide as soon as it was official and moved the younger man into his house.

At first, Tony was uneasy, not only as a new Guide with a Sentinel, not only as a new NCIS member, but also with having a steady monogamous relationship. Tony had slept with other men and woman, but no matter how much he showered, Gibbs could still smell them. He came to a decision, with the help of Blair, and made the effort to be only with Gibbs. When asked by Ducky, Tony said he was tired of hurting his Sentinel.

In the beginning, only Ducky and Abby knew about them being a Sentinel/Guide pairing, but once Gibbs was sure Kate and McGee were sticking around, they were also told. It made things slightly uncomfortable, but eventually everything settled down.

With even more Sentinels being found in the Navy, Gibbs and Tony help them settle into a routine and make sure that the Navy superiors know what issues might come up with Sentinels and Guides.